Thursday, April 8, 2010


Tonight the sky is striped
blue and pink
like puffy cotton candy
I want to pull down from the sky.

The air is warm and inviting,
the sunset is beautiful,
something my Science teacher would
describe as a "decrepit event",
something never to be repeated
in the exact same way again.

The pink petals from
a newly bloomed tree
float onto the grass,
decorating it with pink spots.

Down the street by the brook,
the bland bushes and plants
are now bright yellow
with buds and flowers.

Bees buzz around,
excitement is in the air
as the temperature escalates,
climbing into the 80s
for the first time this year.

None of the students in school
seem to notice this beauty
because it's hot
with windows wide open,
no air conditioning to speak of.

All they think about
when we're sitting in sticky desks
is, "There's two more months of this!"
And I certainly don't blame them.

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  1. This is very clever...I especially liked how you used the word "decrepit" to describe something beautiful. I never thought of that before...


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